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At G2 Korean BBQ we welcome you to come and enjoy your next dine out at a modern fusion traditional Korean BBQ meal.At G2 we strive to provide you with traditional Korean dishes and at times adding a twist creating a modern fusion taste. We accommodate for all types of customers and groups. We are open 7 days a week and trade for lunch, dinner, and night everyday till 4am. So, for your next night out, birthday dine or a corporate function be sure to contact G2 Korean BBQ and experience quality Korean dining at the heart of Melbourne CBD.


How to enjoy Korean BBQ?
1. Wating -Wait until the grill has comes up
2. Cooking
Can be barbecued & eaten according to personal preferences of ‘rare’ ’medium’ or ‘well done’ Marinated Pork/Chicken tends to turn darker in colour when cooking. Try cooking on the outer edges of your barbecue, rather than in the hottest middled point. Abalone is served with a dollop of butter and it ready to be devoured when the butter melts.
Prawns will turn pink in colour when they are cooked and ready to be eaten.
Alongside your meat, as when eaten together it will provide for a tastier meal
3. Dipping -Dip your meat in your sauce of choice
Sam-jang Sauce   Salt, Pepper & Sesame Oil   Sweet Soy Sauce    
Korean traditional spicy soy bean sauce, Goes with most of meat.’ Good match with pork belly and plain beefs. G2 singature home made sauce.
Good match with marinated meat..
4. Enjoy Together
kimchi Pickled Radish Sliced Onion Seaweed Salad